Roof Coating – Katy, TX

Superior roof coating services are just one of the many specialties of the roofing professionals at CM Commercial Roofing. They’re also some of our most popular as their return on investment is vast and they can deliver some of the same great advantages as a new roof but at a fraction of the cost! Wondering if your roof could use a fresh roof coating application before the winter here in Katy, TX? Just give our team a call today at 281-377-2929, we’ll get your roof scheduled for a free inspection so you can know anything it might require to get the job done right!

Reliable Protection

At CM Commercial Roofing, we use roof coating products from Conklin® roofing products as they have been proving their incredible worth for decades. Conklin® continues to deliver quality products and they come with outstanding warranty options that leave you covered long into the future. When we apply your roof coating, we’ll ensure it’s done properly so you can see all the incredible benefits they have to offer, but before we apply your coating, we’ll make sure any issues on your roof are appropriately resolved beforehand. We see roof coatings fail sooner than necessary because often times, other roofing companies don’t take all the necessary steps. We won’t cover up problem areas on your roof, we’ll address them to ensure they don’t cause you hassle anytime soon. We will then seamlessly adhere your new coating so it can offer the watertight protection it promises. No matter the quality of a product, it won’t stand a chance if it isn’t properly applied. Know you’re in the best hands when you call on CM Commercial Roofing for any of your roofing needs!

Reach Out Today

If you think you have a roof that could benefit from a durable roof coating, reach out to the team at CM Commercial Roofing today at 281-377-2929. We’ll let you know exactly what your roof needs to succeed. With affordable solutions, your roof will have the chance at long term success. We bring quality roofing services to the community of Katy, TX and we’re here to help, call us today!